Regent Park Area … Apartments Coming?

Regent Park Area ... Apartments Coming?

The Regent Park area could have an apartment complex in it’s future. There are plans to build an apartment complex on a parcel of land that is approximately 11.5 acres. The proposed location of the complex is slated for the area located near Starlight Drive and Regent Parkway. For those familiar with the Regent Park area, this is near the current location of the partially completed PTL Tower, which was built by Jim Bakker’s PTL ministry, and currently owned by Morningstar Ministries.

This will add capacity to the already tight apartment/rental market in Fort Mill. Radius Insurance Agency is looking forward to welcoming new residents.

If you are a current renter or are planning to rent a residence in the area, we offer policies to protect your belongings while you are renting your space. Stop by or call us today for a FREE QUOTE and see how we can protect your belongings for a great rate! Call us toll-free: (855) 840-1277 or email us at for more information.

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