Cover YOUR BELONGINGS with Renters Insurance

Cover YOUR BELONGINGS with Renters Insurance

More people are opting to rent instead of buy for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy having the freedom to move somewhere new while others don’t want the financial burden that comes with owning a home. It’s nice to be able to call the landlord when something expensive breaks down and pass along the hassle and cost of repairs. Renters don’t even have to deal with homeowners insurance; if the house burns down, the landlord’s policy will cover the cost to rebuild.

Of course, it’s not exactly that simple. So, what about all of YOUR BELONGINGS? Sure, the landlord’s policy will cover the actual structure of where you live, but your stuff? Not covered. That’s what renters insurance does.

At Radius Insurance Agency we offer Renter’s Insurance to cover your belongings and give you piece of mind to know you are protected.

Call us or stop in today for a quote and more information. (855) 840-1277


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