Annual Fort Mill Schools Supply Drive


With the first day of school just six weeks away, parents and school district staff are already thinking about the basics of school instruction: paper, pencils and notebooks.

District officials are working to launch their annual school supply drive aimed at insuring all students have the materials they need.

Individually, school supplies may not seem costly. The price of crayons or a pack of notebook paper can be under $1, but those costs add up when parents are faced with a school supply list that’s a page or more long. Backpacks are a big, expense item and supplies like index cards and binders can quickly run up a bill at the store.

Want to know how to help?  That’s easy. You can drop-off items to any Fort Mill school location listed here
School supplies needed Supplies wanted for distribution to students in need:

3 ring binders (1-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch, 5-inch),Backpacks Book covers (non-sticky),Clorox or Lysol wipes,Colored pencils,Construction paper,Crayons, Dividers, Dry erase markers, Facial tissue, Flash drives, Folders with prongs, Glue sticks, Glue bottles (liquid), Graph paper, Hand sanitizer, Handheld pencil sharpeners, Highlighters, Index cards, Ink pens, Loose-leaf notebook paper (college-ruled and wide-ruled), Lysol, Marble composition notebooks, Markers, Page protectors (clear), Pencil pouches, Pencils Pocket, folders, Post-It Notes, Ruler, Scissors (blunt and pointed), Sharpie markers (black), Spiral notebooks, Staples, Tape, White copy paper, Ziploc bags (quart and gallon)

Drop off times are as follows: July (Monday-Friday 9am-3pm) and in August (Monday-Friday 8am-3pm)

Help make a child’s future a little brighter!


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