Fall day trip destinations in South Carolina / Driving Tips


Many people travel to North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Parkway to view the beautiful red, orange, and yellow colored leaves that start to appear this time of year, but there are some fall day trip destinations that are right here in our beautiful state of South Carolina.

1.     Caesars Head State Park –  Cleveland, SC (http://www.southcarolinaparks.com/caesarshead/directions.aspx)

2.     Sesquicentennial State Park – Columbia, SC


3.     Poinsett State Park –  Wedgefield, SC


4.     Cheraw State Park – Cheraw, SC


Before and during your Fall Day Trip use the following tips to make sure your trip is a fun and safe adventure for you and your family.

1.     Check your tire pressure – With the changing temperatures, tires can lose air pressure. Make sure that your tires have the appropriate amount of air in them and adequate tread before your trip.

2.     Watch out for leaves – When leaves become wet they make roadways slippery and dangerous, so be alert while enjoying the sights. Also, dry leaves can be just as dangerous. Do not park your vehicle near large piles of dry leaves as this could potentially start a fire from your vehicle’s catalytic converter.

3.     Stay alert – With the end of daylight savings time visibility becomes reduced as it becomes darker earlier in the evening. Use caution even on familiar roads as pedestrians, cyclists, and other roadway users will be less visible.

With these destinations and safety tips your fall day trip should be a great and memorable experience.


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