Hurricane Season Lasts Until November 30


Although the first day of fall is September 22, 2013, the hurricane season is still in full swing through November. Last year, Hurricane Sandy devastated New Jersey and most of the Northeast on October 29. Twenty-four years ago, South Carolina met an ill fate at the wrath of Hurricane Hugo as it struck Charleston on September 21 and gained enough strength on shore to propel itself all the way into York County. Fort Mill experienced wind gusts over 100 mph!

We at Radius Insurance Agency would like to remind you to stay alert and prepared for the possibility of a hurricane and severe storms. Being prepared is the best way to limit your family and home’s impact from a storm. The first step of being prepared is being properly insured well before a disaster occurs.

It is true a storm can form for weeks before it makes landfall; however, the unpredictability of the storm could mean an unexpected course at abruptly changing speeds.  There might not be time for your agent to edit or add coverage. Plus once a watch and/or warning is issued, the state’s insurance regulations will not allow you to immediately purchase or change a policy due to the pending storm or disaster.

You also need to be insured for the correct amounts and understand your deductibles. Your homes replacement value could be more than the market value. And, that special wind deductible could be different than the deductibles for other losses. Look for an “all perils” deductible in your policy without any special “wind deductible,” which could be 5% or even 10%. These special deductibles do reduce your premium, but could mean you pay more in the event of a loss.

There are several other ways to be sure you and your family are well prepared. See the checklist and other great information on our hurricane info-graphic. Always remember to protect your pets during these weather emergencies as well.


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