Thanksgiving And Kitchen Safety


Thanksgiving is a great time of year. We get together with friends and family, watch football on TV and best of all, enjoy great food. The one thing that is rarely on anyones mind on Thanksgiving is their homeowners insurance. However, if there’s an accident or fire in the kitchen, all of a sudden, it becomes foremost in the minds of many. With a few precautions, you can keep your mind on your food instead.

For instance, make sure you throw away all empty food packaging as soon as you can. This keeps stray packaging from finding its way to a hot stove burner and catching fire. Also, keep an eye on pot holders, towels and oven mitts so they don’t wind up near the hot stove when you’re not using them. Another great idea is to make sure only the people who need to be in the kitchen are in the kitchen. This especially means children.

If something does happen, knowing your homeowners coverage is up to date is a great comfort. When you work with people like Radius Insurance Agency in Fort Mill SC, you can rest assured that your policy is up to date and that, even if worse comes to worst, you can still enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!


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