Thanksgiving Travel and Safety Tips!


Most people during the holidays travel far and wide to spend quality time with family and friends. This year it is important that we take extra precautions when traveling out of town to ensure our safety and of those we love while on the road. Here are some helpful ideas to make sure you are protected at all times:

1)  Do not post travel posts on ANY social media sites! This is imperative to keep those we love and ourselves safe while on the road. This can help prevent any burglaries occurring while we are away.

2)  Always make sure someone close to you knows you are away! Have someone close help watch the pets or pick up the mail so that you have someone watching and keeping an eye out for your home and belongings. This way, someone can be observant to any abnormal occurrences that could potentially take place!

3)  Any security system installed in the home is ALWAYS a necessity! It is good to take extra precautions when away for any amount of time.

4) Make sure your car is properly checked before hitting the road! It is always good to get your tires rotated, oil changed, and pass inspection before taking long trips ahead.

Always plan ahead for any trip, and make sure you follow these easy traveling tips! It is always better to be safe than sorry, and we want to make sure you ALL are comfortable and safe as you prepare to travel this Thanksgiving!


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