You Can Be Weird and STILL Get Hired!


Sounds crazy right? Be your “weird” self and get hired? Well now you can! People tend to like and relate to different so why not try the “Lady Gaga” method- be extremely different and you’ll go far! People hire those they remember and those they relate to. You’re likely to get hired if you have something in common with the boss; whether it be you graduated from the same college or just ironically like the same unique restaurant. More importantly it’s good to be different. Wouldn’t you rather stand out then not? Now were not saying to jump on a table in the middle of a group interview just because nobody else did, all were saying is stand out in a fresh way and get hired! Studies show that we are likely to remember uncommon rather than common. If you want to read up on why being weird can get you hired, visit: This article is a MUST read.


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