Holiday Hunt Success!

Trophy   Holiday Hunt 2

Once again Radius Insurance Agency has proved its ability to have fun while working! This past weekend we finished the Rock Hill Holiday Hunt in SECOND PLACE! Not only did we get an amazing trophy, but we had fun while doing so. This Holiday Hunt consisted of driving around (as safely as WE could) to local businesses and taking snapshots and “tweeting” them on our twitter account! Sounds like a lot of fun right? Well it was! We laid on the ground in front of the Marriott, we scurried through the local Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt, we performed yoga positions outside of Balance Yoga, and most of all we laughed non-stop! When the final numbers came in we placed 2nd out of all the teams! We do have to give a shout out to our amazing friend Marilyn for maximizing ALL points in the limited time we had! All in all, we will absolutely be participating in this event next year. This event was a great end to our week to support all local businesses here in our area. We can’t wait to participate next year in this amazing event.

Radius Team-Holiday Hunt   Holiday Hunt 3


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