Safety Tips for Holiday Shoppers




It’s always good to be cautious of your surroundings. During the holidays, you will have a lot of people scurrying in and out of aisles trying to purchase the next best deal. However, you also could run the risk of the people picking your pockets for the next best “deal”.  This holiday, we want to provide you with safety tips for you and your family so you can prevent any harm or danger this season!

1) Make sure you are cautious of other cars backing out, waiting cars, and those speeding through a parking lot.

2) Always lock your doors whether you are inside or outside of your vehicle.

3) Make sure to keep all windows up, especially late at night.

4) Always store purchased items in your trunk, never in any visible place of the car.

5) Avoid parking next to vans or trucks that block your vision to others.

6) Always remember where you parked, you want to avoid having to wonder the parking lot.

7) Try to park directly under lights in parking lot if available.

8) Look underneath your vehicle before getting in. Criminals are notorious for waiting under cars.

9) Never leave purses, wallets, or gifts in car. Always bring belongings inside.

10) Use a credit card rather then cash when buying items. You can quickly shut down your credit card if stolen.

11) Always shop with a zippered purse.

12) Always use ATM’S in open and visible areas. Never in dark corners or ally’s.

13) Never walk alone and make sure you leave store before closing hours.

Always remember its better to be safe then sorry! Lock up and enjoy your holiday shopping! Happy Holidays!


Radius Insurance Agency



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