4 Tips for Avoiding a Thanksgiving Lawsuit


Many of us are beyond excited to gather with friends and family tomorrow. We will be indulging in some of our favorite foods and might even sip a cocktail or two. While all that is fine and dandy, we don’t think about the potential risks of lawsuits on Thanksgiving Day. Yes, that is right: lawsuit. If you are hosting a gathering tomorrow be extra cautious not to serve too many drinks and to watch for signs of anyone getting sick at your holiday party. A lot of us do not think about the consequences of serving bad food or allowing someone to have that extra drink. Here are some situations to look out for:

1) Watch what you feed others- the host is always liable and should never serve food if it looks undercooked or spoiled. It is ultimately the host’s responsibility that everything is properly cooked and served to the guests.

2) Do not over serve the cocktails- you always run the risk of someone drinking one too many during the holidays and attempting to drive home. If that person were to get in an accident of some kind, the host could be liable. Always serve and drink responsibly. Make sure your guests have designated drivers or plan to spend the night.

3) Homeowner and Renters- we highly advise you to look over your insurance policy to better understand your policy coverage. It is better to know and plan ahead, then be surprised by the unexpected. Always contact your insurance agent to get a better understanding.

4) Consider an Umbrella Policy-planning ahead and purchasing an umbrella policy is always a suggested idea. Take preventive measures by purchasing an Umbrella Policy and understanding the coverages that come with.

We hope that all you Thanksgiving hosts use caution and preventive measures when planning a party! It is always important to plan ahead before throwing a gathering! Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.


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