Holiday Safety Tips


Tis the season to celebrate the holidays with family and friends, but most importantly we want to make sure you and your family are completely safe this season. We have taken it upon ourselves to list ten generic holiday safety tips so that you and your family can relax this holiday season.

1) Turn off all lights when you leave your home or go to bed. Unplug extension cords to minimize any danger.

2) Always use ladders or stepping stools when trying to hang holiday decorations. Never step on chairs, desks, or counters.

3) If you are using a natural tree, please make sure to water it daily to avoid drying out branches that could easily catch fire from your Christmas tree lights.

4) Avoid putting small ornaments on the lower level of Christmas tree so that small children cannot get a hold of these items.

5) Refrain from using lighted candles near drapes, trees, or anything flammable.

6) Use only three light sets on one extension cord. Extension cords should always run against the wall and never near furniture or doorways.

7) If hosting a holiday party, please make sure to be sensible when serving alcoholic beverages. Use a designated driver if planning on drinking, or limit your alcohol intake to a 1 glass minimum.

8) Avoid cleaning kitchen surfaces with wet dish cloths or sponges. These easily promote bacteria growth.

9) Always make sure your vehicle is properly prepared for winter weather. Make sure your brakes and tires are up to good standing.

10) If traveling out of town, make sure to always have a neighbor or relative keep a close watch on your home. This season is known for high crime rates that many should plan to avoid.


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