Simple Stocking Stuffer Ideas:


Let’s all be honest, Christmas stockings are the first thing a child wants to open on Christmas morning! Every year Santa scurries and find fun things to fill all of the little boys and girls’ stockings so that the they are pleasantly surprised when they go to grab their goodies! But what should Santa you put in your child’s stocking? Well, we have got some great ideas for your Santa:

1) Chocolates and Candy- (simple, simple, simple and EVERY kid loves candy!)

2) Movie Tickets- (great idea FOR all ages-just make sure to pick a movie everyone can watch)

3)  Scarves and Gloves- (no matter where you live, this is a great idea for all ages)

4)  Dancing Family Cut-Outs- (visit: for exact instruction, super easy!)

5) Restaurant Gift Cards- (Can’t go wrong with great food!)

6) Colored Pencils- (If it’s for a school project or they just love to color, you can’t go wrong with this gift)

7) Scratch and Sniff Stickers-(fun idea that will keep them busy!)

8) Slinky Drink Straws- (fun and unique! Visit:

9) Peppermint Soap Bars – (smell fresh all day long)

10) Personalized Ornaments- (have fun with your loved ones and create your OWN ornaments!)

We hope you enjoy these simple stocking stuffer ideas!


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