Go GREEN this Holiday Season!


Many of us are about to face the harsh reality of our wallets getting thinner, ourselves getting bigger (he he), and expensive electricity bills this season. We all know around the holidays, as much as we love them, that are wallets get thinner due to the costly expenses on Christmas presents, holiday food, and the expensive cost of decorating our homes. But what if it didn’t have to be this way? Well we can tell you how to go GREEN this holiday season so that you and your wallets don’t feel the after effects around this joyous time.

1) Switch your traditional Christmas lights to LED lights -LED (light-emitting diode) uses 90% less electricity!

2) Put your lights on a timer-this will absolutely help with the cost of electricity so you don’t over do it.

3) Unplug your electronic devices- no need to keep something plugged in when away and not using it!

4) Don’t use blowup snowman’s as Christmas decor-these use A LOT of electricity. It is better to not use these at all.

5) Lower the thermostat- keep the thermostat on a set temperature and try not to fluctuate it. Also, if you have a fireplace it is better to warm up with it and save yourself the cost!

All of these ideas will help save you money this holiday. Let us know how much you saved this season by following these helpful tips!

Happy Holidays!

Radius Insurance Agency


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