WestJet Knows How to Give!


Flying during the holidays is always tough, but WestJet airlines knows how to make a lasting impression. The impression WestJet had on me made me want to share this amazing story! How would you like to receive a Christmas gift that you really wanted? Well, Westjet Airlines made that happen for 250 passengers this holiday season. The airline setup a virtual kiosk that hosted Santa asking anyone who scanned their boarding pass what they wanted for Christmas this year. Meanwhile behind the scenes, many volunteers took down the requests from the passengers and scurried to the local mall to purchase all of the passenger’s requests! All of the presents were delivered to Calgary International Airport and arrived on the luggage belt while the passengers stood around to receive their luggage! A few of the presents consisted of a Flat Screen TV, Android Tablet, Camera, and even fresh underwear and socks! But wait- if you thought Westjet couldn’t get any better, if they hit 200,000 views on You Tube they are going to start presenting free flights to families in need! All I have to say is this is the true meaning of giving back. Thanks Westjet for reminding us what the holidays are all about!

Check out the WestJet Video here!



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