Watch Out for Fraudulent Packages this Holiday Season!

Delivery Man Balancing Boxes

It’s time for you to really pay attention to your email this holiday season. Never trust an unknown source or open an email in your spam box because it seems “legit”.  Tis the season for theft and fraud, and Radius Insurance Agency wants to protect you and your loved ones by being extra alerted.

Scammers this season will be taking extra measures to get personal information from you while acting as an established company like FedEx. Things to remember is that FedEx or any other mailing company will never try to get personal information from you via mail or email. These scammers will send you an email posting as FedEx or UPS that will say they have a missed delivery or shipping address problem. They will ask you to click on a  link and provide personal information such as Social Security Numbers, Passwords, and Credit Card information. Always delete these emails right away to prevent them from receiving private information.

Warning signs you should look out for this holiday to protect your identity include:

  • Unexpected requests for money
  • Requests for personal information
  • Links to familiar-looking websites that are actually spelled wrong
  • Extensive spelling and grammar errors in the body of the email

Take extra precautions this holiday. We hope we can help with the safety of your loved ones gifts and your own personal information!

Radius Insurance Agency


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