Dont be Fooled this Holiday!

As always, Radius Insurance Agency is here to protect your safety and pockets this holiday season. Many scammers come out to play during the holidays and we want to make sure you and your families are protected. Here are the many scams to look out for this season.

1) Never buy online from an unrecognizable source. If a website is truly legit many of them will have https not http. Many online sites that are scams do a surreal job making it look just like an actual website. Always protect your credit card information and make sure you know exactly where you are buying from online.

2) Every kid wants a puppy for Christmas, but please make sure you are buying the puppy from an adoption or rescue agency with proof of paperwork. Watch out for craigslist scammers trying to give you a dog that has severe medical problems, or even worse no dog at all.

3) Watch out for fake charities. Yes guys, this does happen. Please do your research before you donate to a good cause. You don’t want your money going into the wrong pockets.

4) Everyone wants someone to love during the holidays, but make sure you don’t meet “Mr. Right” right now that starts asking you for money too soon after dating. Make sure you know and trust who you are talking to. Be careful that a “perfect match” doesn’t happen right before Christmas.

5) Watch out for fake coupons. Many of us will be doing online shopping this season, but make sure the coupon you buy comes from a reputable source that will NOT ask you for your private information. Coupons are free- why would you have to pay?

6) Watch out for super cheap gifts. It’s always great to save money, but do your research before buying a product that is extremely discounted; there could be something wrong with it.

7) Watch out for sent e- cards that could have a virus attached. Make sure you only open emails from recognizable sources.

Happy Holidays!
Radius Insurance Agency


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