New Year’s Eve Party Insurance Risks


Hosting a New Year’s Eve party in your home sounds like a safe and fun way to ring in 2014. That is of course, until we inform you of all the ways that you can be held liable for things that may occur at your New Year’s Eve party, as well as after the party-goers leave your home.

Is a New Year’s Eve Party at your home really worth the risk? Here are a few items to consider.

Party Hosting Risks:

  • Serving alcohol to underage party guests.
  • Knowingly allow party guests to consume alcohol and then drive – even if they’re old enough to legally consume alcohol.
  • Physical altercations that may occur and cause injury to party-goers.
  • In some cases, damages sustained to the personal property in your home.

These are all instances when the homeowner can be held liable and responsible for the actions of those attending your party. And they are also situations which could nullify any payments your homeowners insurance would make towards injuries or damages. This is a scary, yet very true reality. Depending upon the circumstances and the laws within your home state, hefty fines and jail time can be punishments that are imposed.

You should always check with your insurance agent to make sure you are protected should you decide to throw a New Year’s Eve Bash at your home. We hope this article will help you stay informed of the possible risks that could result from an event such as this one.


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