Keep up with your New Year’s Resolutions on your Smartphones!

Well 2014 is finally here and I know all of us want to make sure we follow through with our future goals! Like many of us, we will fall away from our new year’s resolutions before we even start them. This year it’s all about downloading tracking apps to get us more motivated and stay on target to complete our new years resolutions. Here are the top 3 smartphone apps to download to keep you on track in 2014:– This application can be downloaded on Android or any iPhone. It allows you to plan for today, tomorrow, upcoming events, and future plans. It will remind you to do anything you need to do. Whether that be drink more water, save money, or simply call a friend more often. This app is very easy to use and comes highly suggested!

Strava Run– This is a fitness tracker that will track all of your goals as a runner. This app is designed for the runner who is serious about losing weight. This app will track run times, routes, and elevation levels. This app is very easy to use on any smartphone and will track your progress so that you can lose weight more easily.– This application will monitor and track all of your financial needs. If 2014 is your year to save money and watch spending, this is the app for you. This app will help manage your budget, set reminders, and watch spending. This app can be easily downloaded and setup for any smartphone.


Check out all 3 of these apps and see how they work for you. Whether your goal is to save money, lose weight, or manage life more effectively, all of these apps have something to offer. Let us know what you think and how you’re keeping up with your new year’s resolution!


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