3 Tips to Reduce Auto Insurance Premiums


Here are 3 tips to help you reduce your auto insurance premiums.

1. Increase your deductible
You can reduce your auto insurance premium by increasing the deductible component, which is the amount you pay from your pocket when you make a claim. However, don’t go overboard and pay only as much as you can afford. If you end up paying a large amount, the purpose of buying insurance is defeated. Since general insurance is renewable every year, start with a low deductible amount and raise it later, if you can afford it.
2. Do not claim small expenses
While the purpose of insurance is to cover any damage to your vehicle, skip the trip to the insurer for small issues like a damaged bumper or a broken tail light. In fact, going to the local mechanic will ensure that your car is repaired at a lower cost.

3. Install anti-theft devices in your car
Given the rising auto thefts in our country, it is critical to install safety features in your car. By buying a gear lock, steering lock or an anti-theft alarm, you can also reduce your annual insurance premium by about 5%.

Using these tips will help keep your premiums lower and make covering your automobile more affordable.


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