January is National Hobby Month

january national hobby month

January is known for being National Hobby Month. This is the month where you can reinvent yourself and start a new hobby! What better way to refresh your life by taking on a new and different challenge! By taking up a new hobby you can better your emotional and physical health. Participating In something different allows you to feel more relaxed and stress free! If you decided to take up a hobby on collectibles, Radius Insurance Agency could INSURE those collectibles for you if they ever got lost or stolen! This month we hope we can inspire ALL of you to start the New Year with a NEW hobby.

Here are 11 unique and different hobbies you can try in 2014!

1) Start collecting your favorite toys

2) Join a bowling team

3) Join a book club

4) Start taking music lessons

5) Participate in a dance class once a week

6) Create your own non-profit organization

7) Get involved in a local sports team

8) Join a chess team

9) Start exercising more frequently

10) Take an educational class

11) Participate in an acting class

There are many hobbies and the sky is the limit. Get involved and make a change in your life. January is the time to recreate and feel your best! Let us know your new hobby you take on this year!


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