New Year, New Year – 3 Must Read Diet Books


We all know January is the month to start our “BIG” diet extravaganzas. We all want to fit in our old jeans and be ready to take on the spring and summer months! Instead of researching what diets to start- We have looked up the top diet reads to choose from. We all are in this together and why not help each other towards a more active healthy lifestyle. Here are the top diet books we recommend you pick up today!

1) The Sugar Smart Diet

  • Book addresses the emotional and physiological effects of sugar
  • Helps you take over your cravings-rather than your cravings take over you
  • Introduce you to healthier sugar swaps
  • How you can enjoy sugar without negative side effects

2) The Beauty Detox Foods

  • Helps give you beautiful hair, glowing skin, skinner body
  • Teaches you 50 beauty foods
  • How to make the “Glowing Green” Smoothie
  • Helps you achieve your inner glow and transform your body

3) The Start Here Diet

  • Tosca Reno talks about her personal achievements and success story
  • Teaches you healthier lifestyle options & better choices
  • Steps that teach you to take control of your mind and body
  • Teaches basic exercise moves to get your body in shape
  • Gives recipes, cooking tips, and meal plans

We hope you will find these diets helpful to all your weight loss and health needs! 


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