Good Drones VS Pre-Occupied Drivers


Drones have been taking a beating in the press but, not all drones are “evil” or used for military/government use.  The creators at Frog Design are currently developing a drone that will have a positive use that the public will appreciate. The creation is called the Cyclodrone and will be used to protect and assist riders on bicycles by utilizing a small camera to record any accidents should one occur. The drone also features a beacon of light that will alert oncoming traffic of the presence of a cyclist.

Frog is very excited about all of the potential applications that this drone could be used for such as assisting firefighters find victims in burning buildings, and how it could even deliver rescue packages to hikers in remote locations in the event of an emergency.

As drones rapidly evolve it will not be long before more positive drones like this one will be on the market.

To read more about Cyclodrone click here.

SOURCE: Fast Company


One thought on “Good Drones VS Pre-Occupied Drivers

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