DIY Valentine’s Crafts


With the big day soon approaching use some of these DIY Valentine’s crafts to show your special someone how much you care about them.

“I Dig You” Valentine’s  Goodie Bag


Probably the easiest Valentine’s you’ll ever make. All you need is a little sand shovel, M&M’s or Skittles, clear treat bags and ribbon to tie it all together. Then simply add a homemade “I Dig You” sticker to complete this gift.

Red Felt Heart Wreath


So Simple! You need a foam heart wreath and any kind of color or pattern of 3/4 a yard felt you desire and lots of pushpins.

1.Cut out SEVERAL 3 inch circles out of the felt.

2.Fold the circles so they are now half circles and then fold them once more.

3.Push the pushpin through the felt and the wreath so the felt sticks to the wreath.

4.Do this till the wreath is completely covered and there are no holes.

SOURCES:   and Pinterest®


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